Fanado: (n) fan•ad•o /f ’nädo/
1. a person who is totally into and wildly knowledgeable about great artists of any and all kinds.
2. an innovative company dedicated to providing truly unique experiences and official autograph connections for such people.


Fanado is where fans MEET other fans and hang out where art and entertainment are created. Become a VIP and go backstage, behind the scenes, into the recording studio, on board the tour bus.

Then Fanado puts you ON-STAGE - ask a question, share a personal anecdote, get something signed - instantly, to keep forever.

Finally, SHARE your unique experience - the video clip, the autograph and the memory - on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest… and build your own Fanado Collectibles wall.

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Fanado is where artists meet audiences. Reach beyond the press tour - whenever, wherever you want, without travel or entourage.

Fanado is Anytime, AnyPlace: meet, greet and sign. Save money and earn revenue. Reward your fans and discover new ones.

Fanado is live and intimate, with that "Kodak Moment" stickiness that will make it the most effective and lasting tool in your social media mix.

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We want to take Fanado wide by making it accessible to everyone with an iPad, iPhone or Android device. Artists and Fans meet, sign and receive collectibles, chat with other fans - wherever they are in the world.


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Fanado is the promotional tour online. The Beta 2.0 site offers proof that audiences will pay for a Backstage Pass and VIP Experience, whether related to a product launch or part of every Artist's and every Producer's ongoing social media connection with their customer base. Fanado is the only service that can offer authentic personalized signings with a video chat.

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